Starbucks - Bodum + Starbucks Recycled Coffee Presses Recall

This recall involves Bodum + Starbucks co-branded coffee presses partially made from recycled materials.  The 8-cup French coffee press’ cylindrical glass beaker, screen and plunger are held in place by a plastic dark gray frame with locking lid and a light gray handle and knob. The coffee presses measure about 9 inches high by about 4 inches in diameter.  Bodum and Made in Portugal are embossed on the bottom of the dark gray plastic base.


If you believe you have a Bodum + Starbucks Recycled Coffee Press impacted by this recall, please enter your product information below:

SKU number is printed on a white label on the bottom of the base.


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“A similar product sold at Starbucks that is all black with a grey plastic beaker is NOT impacted by this recall. “


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